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How to play with variation of poker game-Three card poker

Three card poker is one of the great variation of the poker game and in this game players will have the chance to compete against the most powerful dealer in poker game. This variant game of poker begins with the ante wager and the player will be responsible to make pair plus bet. This betting amount will be paid out to the player in case the player wins the greater hand.  Normally all these bets have to be placed before the game actually starts. After placing all these bets, every player is given with three down cards. The player should check their cards before the dealer actually does the same. The game play begins with the left player of the dealer. Every player can have the chance of fold depending upon their respective pair plus bets and ante that they possess in the game. In order to play the game, the player must place the bet that is equal to the value of ante in the area of play bet. To know more details visit

If the player possess a pair or much better than pair then they will be given paid out according to the pair plus and this will be regardless of the dealers hand. You should be aware of the 3 card poker hand rankings and the respective payouts in order to play this entertaining game. Overall we can tell that the pair plus payouts are given irrespective of whether the dealer gets qualified or not and the ante payouts are given only if the dealer gets qualified.

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