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Making a wise initial bet

If you are lucky enough to be a dealt a strong starting hand at the start of a Texas Hold ’Em poker game, it is crucial (as Unibet sports betting fans will understand) yourinitial bet is the right one for several different reasons.

Of course the most obvious justification is because you are likely to have the best hand at the current stage around of the table, therefore you should bet with confidence. You want the pot to be as big as possible so you are rewarded if you come out on top with your cards.

The other reason though is stop your opponents from seeing the flop and as a result developing their hand. The extra three cards that are dealt in the middle can turn an average hand into a spectacular one. To avoid more people having the opportunity to do this you have to make them pay for this luxury. So often some players use slow-play tactics thinking they can lure their opponents into believing they have nothing themselves, but by doing so end up going into second place after a bad flop which actually works against them.

The ideal situation you want a after a strong starting hand on sits such as Unibet online casino is to go into the flop with one other opponent, and at the very worse, no more than two other players. This ensures that your chances of winning with your hand are still at a high percentage. If you can tempt another player into committing to the pot, you can still make it very rewarding and accumulate a huge pot between yourselves. Unfortunately it won’t always work out this way so it is still important to add some balance to your game.

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