How Can I Play The 7 Hand Poker Game and How it is related to Casino Bonus?

In the world of betting, the poker games are countless. The games have different style as well as different rules. However, some games remain the same. As concerning the 7-hand poker game, the rules of the game are very simple but it is all about making good strategy.

Lay out your coins. Line up the seven coins on the table in a row. Draw the cards from the deck; each player will pick eight cards, the cards will help the player to create the poker hands.

The first poker player will choose the hand from the cards; this can vary to up to five cards. The poker hands from high to low in value are as follows: royal flush, straight flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, two pair, one pair and high card. Once you chose the poker hand, you lay it on the table face down.

Then your opponent will tell you where exactly to lay hand like how every one enjoys at casinos. In Most of the casinos you will get bonus with that bonus casino you can easily play a game without any deposits. In the same way 7hand poker game played at popular casinos in USA.. Once you lay your hand, you will need to draw three cards to replenish the stock; this is done after each hand that you lay. Repeat the procedure by picking the poker hand. Lay it on the table face down until you and the opponent have laid down one hand before each of the seven coins.

Once the hands are all laid down on the table, make sure you flip over every hand at a time. Winner of every hand in the poker game will collect the coin that is placed before the hand. If the hands happen to be the same, all the players will get the coin in that exact hand while the first player to get the four coins or the first player to win at least three hands consecutively is acknowledged to be the winner.

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